James Jonsson to Attempt Double Length Crossing at Bear Lake

South Jordan swimmer, James Jonsson, will be attempting an unprecedented swim later this week at Bear Lake.  James will be doing what he is referring to as Bear Lake x 2 -20.  This translates to swimming the length of Bear Lake (about 19 miles) twice in under 20 hours.  His total distance will be about 38 miles.  The swim is planned to start at about 7:30pm on July 26 and, if all goes according to plans, he should finish by 3:30pm on July 27.

James is an experienced open water swimmer with many accomplishments to his name.  He is very familiar with Bear Lake and currently holds the record for the fastest lengthwise crossing with an incredible time of 8:43:26.

For his Bear Lake x2 -20 swim, he will have a large support team with a pontoon boat and kayaks.  For feeds, he will be taking power bars, GU and hot chicken noodle soup every 45 minutes.

I will be along for the ride as part of his support team for the first crossing and will do my best to post updates and photos as long as I have cell phone service.

Good luck James!


Nathan Nelson said...

Good luck, James! Can't wait to hear about your successful swim.

Gords said...

Yay James! May the clouds be nice and fluffy, and kind to you. You're the KING of Bear Lake that is for certain! Amazing attempt!