Scouting Out East Canyon for Swim Camp

I took my family up to East Canyon Reservoir last night to do some scouting for our upcoming Mini Swim Camp.

The water was great!  I took the temperature right near shore and it came up at about 74 degrees.  We found a line of three buoys that will make a good spot for our night swim next Friday night.  It will also make a good start/finish line for the one mile race we are planning for Saturday morning.

Harrison and I after swimming out to the first buoy.

The buoy line.  This will make a great spot for our night swim.
There is a big rock right by the buoy line.  I didn't check how deep the water was on the other side, but we saw people jumping off of it.  I will definitely want to check the depth on the other side before jumping off, but this could be fun!
We saw people jumping off of this big rock near the buoys.
The boat and jet ski traffic was pretty heavy while we were there.  Boats were coming right up to the buoys and wake boarders were weaving in and out of them.  I think for our camp we will want to do the majority of our swimming inside the wakeless zone and also keep an eye out for boats and jet skis.

This is a wakeless area of the reservoir where we will be doing most, if not all, of our swimming next weekend.
We walked around the group camp site that we will be using and it looks like it will work out great!  There is plenty of room for tents and parking.  There are two covered pavilions, three large BBQs, a fire pit, and restrooms (vaults, not flushing).  There is no direct access to the water, so we will have to drive down the road a little for our swims.

East Canyon Resort is located nearby.  They have a small store and restaurant if anyone is interested in going over there.  They also have pools, mini golf, playground, etc. but I think those things are meant for people staying at the resort.

The larger of the two pavilions at our group camp site.

There are three large BBQs.

Fire pit.

Entrance to camp site.
I am really looking forward to next weekend's camp!  Here is the tentative schedule:

Friday July 27
3:00pm check-in and set up camp

Dinner (bring your own main dish and something to share with the group)

Movie (if I can find a projector)
Night swim

Saturday July 28
Breakfast (on your own)
1 mile race
Lunch (bring your own main dish and something to share with the group)
2:00pm check-out

You can do as much, or as little, swimming as you want in between these activities.  If there are people that want a mini clinic and practice with open water skills, we can arrange that as well.

If you are interested in coming, please RSVP on the Facebook event page.  If every family/group could pitch in $15 for the camp site, that would be great!


Rachel Wagner. said...

Thanks again for all your work in setting this up. I can't believe I'm saying this about camping but it sounds like fun.

Josh said...

It should be a lot of fun! Let me know if you have any other ideas or suggestions for things you want to do while we are there.