Track Gordon Gridley's English Channel Swim * UPDATED*

I am here in England with Team Gridley getting ready for Gordon's big swim.  We just got word that his swim will be starting tomorrow afternoon.  We meet the boat captain at 2:00pm England time (7:00am Utah time).

I do not have data access on my phone over here, so there will not be any Facebook updates.  The best places to follow his progress are below:

SPOT GPS Live Tracking

Gords Swim Log (with information relayed from the boat back to "home base"

I got to get in the water at Dover with him this morning and it was 64 degrees.  A bit chilly for me having not spent any time in cooler water, but completely comfortable for Gordon.  We have been going over feeds and other preparation this afternoon in anticipation of leaving early in the morning and I think we are ready to go.

Good luck Gordon!  You are going to ROCK this!!

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