Results of Salt Lake Open Water (SLOW) Survey

A week ago, we asked swimmers to fill out a 10 question survey about the possibility of starting an open water club under Utah Masters.  The results are in and the response was overwhelmingly positive.  Based on the results, we are moving ahead with the organization of Salt Lake Open Water (SLOW)!

Here is a summary of the survey results by question:

1. Are you currently registered as a member of a Utah Masters club?

Yes 9 31%
No (unattached) 20 69%
Not Sure 0 0%

No real surprises here.  I think there are a lot of Utah Masters swimmers like myself who are unattached.  We definitely don't want to step on toes and take people from other clubs, so this was reassuring.

2. What things would you expect the Salt Lake Open Water (SLOW) club to provide?

Coached Workouts 11
Regular Group Swims 24
Clinics 19
Social Events 15
Club Gear (t-shirts, caps, etc) 11
Sponsor Events 21
Email Newsletter 15
Other 2

No surprise here either.  This confirms our belief that there are a lot of swimmers out there who just want other people to swim with.  There were also a lot of votes for sponsor events and clinics.

3. What is a reasonable annual club fee for SLOW?

No fee 0 0%
$1 0 0%
$5 5 17%
$10 6 21%
$15 18 62%

I will admit I was a little surprised here that so many people voted for a fee at the very top of the range.  A lot of people told me they would be willing to pay more than $15 per year.

4. What would be a reasonable use of SLOW club fees?

Club t-shirt, cap, etc. 19
Social Events 16
Website 22
None of the above 1
Other 5

I was guessing that most people would vote for team gear on this one.  It looks like most people are interested in having a website, presumable with a calendar of events, etc.  There were also a lot of votes for coaching, clinics and education as well as an outreach program to grow the club.  There was a single vote for a porta-potty near the boat ramp for Goody to use before getting in the water :)

5. As a member of SLOW, would you be interested in becoming a member of the committee?

Yes 10 36%
Maybe 13 46%
No 5 18%

No big surprises here.  The majority of the swimmers I have met over the past few years are more that willing to pitch in to spread the word about open water.  I am happy to create as many positions as needed so that everyone who wants to can help out.

6. How often would you like to meet with the other SLOW members for planning meetings?

Once a year 1 4%
Twice a year 11 41%
Quarterly 9 33%
Monthly 6 22%

I think the question was a little vague.  It was meant ask how often the committee should meet together.  Twice a year seems reasonable.

7. How often would you like to have SLOW open water workouts?

Once a month 5 18%
Twice a month 8 29%
Once a week 9 32%
Twice a week 3 11%
More than twice a week 3 11%

This is about what I expected to see and seems pretty reasonable.

8. What is your FIRST choice of venue for SLOW group swims and clinics?

Great Salt Lake 9
Utah Lake 3
Bountiful Lake 3
Deer Creek 6
Pineview 1
Jordanelle 4
Black Ridge 3
Other 3

Honestly, I was amazed that there were this many votes for the Great Salt Lake.  I guess our endless plugging of GSL is paying off and people are realizing that it's actually a really cool place to swim.  Other votes were for Walsburg Bay (Deer Creek) and East Canyon.

9. What is your SECOND choice of venue for SLOW group swims and clinics?

Great Salt Lake 3
Utah Lake 2
Bountiful Lake 6
Deer Creek 6
Pineview 4
Jordanelle 5
Black Ridge 2
Other 1

A tie for Bountiful Lake and Deer Creek.  East Canyon also got a vote.

10. How interested would you be in joining Salt Lake Open Water (SLOW)?

Very Interested 16 55%
Somewhat Interested 11 38%
Neutral 1 3%
Somewhat Disinterested 0 0%
Not Interested 1 3%

This is the big question we were really interested in.  We realize we were preaching to the choir a little with this survey and where we posted the link to take it, but the response to this question is what gave us the confidence that there are enough people out there to make the club work.

We are hoping to have the club set up so that it is an option for 2013 USMS membership renewal.  If you are interested in getting involved with Salt Lake Open Water (SLOW), please feel free to contact me at joshuakgreen@gmail.com.

Thanks again to everyone who filled out the survey!

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