50 Degrees and 15 minutes

I met Jim, Goody and Gordon at the GSL Marina for the weekly Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club swim.  My family also came along for support (my boys love exploring and playing at the marina).

The water temp was an even 50 degrees.  I always get anxious before stepping into the water (and even before I leave work to drive out) because I know it will be cold and that it will be very uncomfortable for a few minutes.  Once you get past the cold shock, it actually feels pretty nice.

Jim, Gordon and I swam breaststroke out to the end of the marina.  One the way back I put my goggles on and tried to swim and keep my face in the water.  I didn't last long before it started to hurt too bad.  I need to work on this.

Gordon and I were in the water for 15 minutes and Jim outdid us (as usual) and was in for over 20.

I am glad Goody came out even though he couldn't get in the water.

Next swim is on Saturday at 3pm.  We are expecting a good group!

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