First Swim of the Year With WFPBC

I met Goody and Gordon at the GSL Marina this afternoon for a cold water swim.  Goody and Jim have been out a couple times already, but it was the first time Gordon and I have been out with WFPBC this year.

Goody was the first one in the 56 degree water. He swam out a ways and then did breaststroke back so that Gords could get some photos.  It has been a while since I have been in the water and I wasn't really prepared fir the cold. Mostly it hurt my face.  After a while it was actually pretty nice and the three of us just floated around and chatted.

After a while we noticed someone in the parking lot who waved and then get changed and came down.  It was Miles, who has emailed me and came to one of our clinics.  It was his first time with WFPBC and he got right in and floated around with us.  It's always nice to have new people show up!

The new caps that Goody designed and ordered are in and they look awesome!  We will be giving these silicone caps away for free to those who meet the club requirements.

We were in the water for a good 20 to 25 minutes.  I didn't shiver in the water, but I sure started shaking when I got out.  It was good to be back in the water!


miles said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one shaking after.

Josh said...

It's all part of the cold water experience. There is no way around it. After you get out, your body temperature continues to drop.

I'm glad you came out with us! Hopefully we will see you again soon!