I Still Can't Feel My Fingertips...

It was a small group out at the marina today.  Gordon and Goody weren't able to come, so Jim and I were the onky representatives of the Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club.

I got there a little late because of work and Jim was already in the water.  Not wanting to waste any time (it was cold outside), I quickly got ready and waded into the water.

It seemed colder today than it did on Saturday.  Jim said the air temp was 43 and the water temp ended up at 46.9 degrees.

Jim had been in for a few minutes when I got in.  We swam out to the rocks and back and then to the last of the sailboats and back.  I clocked just over 26 minutes in the water and Jim had 31.

My fingertips are still numb as I type this.  I didn't have the same problem after Saturday's swim.  47 degrees must be the point where this starts to happen for me.  It is pretty painful for a while during recovery.  It feels exactly like when your foot or hand falls asleep and starts to come back.

It is nice to swim breaststroke and chat because you don't get so cold with your face out of the water. Plus, talking to someone helps keep your mind off of the cold.  Jim and I both swam a little head-up and head-down free towards the end.  I really need to work on this before the New Year's swim.

I had a great time this afternoon and am looking forward to the next swim with Gordon, Sue and (hopefully) Goody and Jim on Saturday at 4pm.  A few people have told me they want to come out.  Please feel free to come this Saturday!  Silicone caps will be awarded to those who meet the requirements.


Gords said...

Nice job man! Wish I could have been there. Looking forward to Saturday. Do you have caps? I'm out. Gave them all out last week.

Josh said...

Yeah we missed you yesterday. My fingertips are still tingling this morning. I think I have about 5 or 6 caps.