Open Water Gift Ideas

It's almost December and Christmas is creeping up on us.  If you have an open water swimmer or triathlete on your shopping list, or you want to give Santa some ideas for what to leave in your stocking, check out these ideas below:

Brine Shrimp Ornament (photo from FOGSL store)

Friends of the Great Salt Lake Store
Friends of the Great Salt Lake (FOGSL) is a non-profit organization with the mission to
"preserve and protect the Great Salt Lake Ecosystem and to increase public awareness and appreciation of the lake through education, research, and advocacy".  You can show your support for the lake by buying something from their store.  I especially like the brine shrimp ornament ($10), which I think I would use it as a key chain the rest of the year, and the Great Salt Lake map bandana ($8).  For the ladies, there are also brine shrimp earrings!

Got Salt? Suit from Splish.com

Got Salt? Tech Shirt or Swimsuit

What better way to support the Salt Lake Open Water (SLOW) that by wearing a tech shirt or a suit from Splish.com?  The shirts are only $5 and all proceeds go to support the Salt Lake Open Water club and to promote open water swimming in Utah.

SaferSwimmer (photo from www.ishof.org)

Safer Swimmer
In my opinion, this is the best safety device on the market for open water swimmers and triathletes.  Not only can you hang onto it if you panic or get into trouble, you can also store your clothes, camera, feeds, etc inside without worrying about them getting wet.  Available from the International Swimming Hall of Fame in small and large sizes.

H2Open Magazine Subscription
This is the only magazine dedicated to open water swimming.  It is full of insightful articles about everything related to open water swimming.  Since it is published in England, it's a bit pricey to get the magazine sent here (£39.95), but I think it is well worth it.  You can also subscribe to the digital version (available to read on your PC, tablet, smart phone) for
£16.99.  http://www.h2openmagazine.com/

Finis Agility Strapless Paddles (photo from Aquagear.com)

Finis Agility Strapless Paddles
I LOVE these paddles!  I use them in every pool workout I do.  You can read my review here for all the details.  The paddles are now available in small, medium and large sizes and you can get them from AquaGear for $19.95

TYR Nest Pro Goggles (photo from Amazon.com)

TYR Nest Pro Goggles
As a self-proclaimed "goggle nerd", I am pretty picky about what goggles I wear.  I wore a pair of the TYR Nest Pro Goggles all last season and I LOVE them!  I know Chad is a big fan too.  They are very comfortable and I have had zero issues with leaking.  Available from Amazon.com for about $15 (depending on what color of frame and lens you choose).

Custom swim suits from Splish.com (photo from Splish.com)

Custom Swim Gear
Isn't technology awesome?!  You can now design a custom suit, cap or goggles online and have it sent to your house without having to order large quantities.  I have been wearing custom PBT suits from Splish.com almost exclusively over the past year or so.  They last forever, even in the pool.  Custom suits and caps are also available from FINIS.  Next on my list is to get a pair of custom designed goggles from TYR.  You can even have them laser etch something on the lenses!

Poler Napsack (photo from www.polerstuff.com)

What better way to warm up after a winter swim than by throwing on a Napsack?  The Napsack is basically a wearable sleeping bag, complete with arm holes, pockets and a hood.  Poler, the maker of the Napsack, was a sponsor of both the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim and the Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim this year.  Thanks to Rachel (who has family ties with the company), I got one of these this summer and it is awesome!  It is extremely comfortable and warm.  I took it with me to England for Gordon's English Channel swim and slept in in almost every night.

Muscle Repair lotion from Ojavan (photo from www.ojavanproducts.com)

Ojavan Skin Care Products
Ojavan was a sponsor of the 2012 Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim.  They make great skin care products from salt and mud extracted from the Great Salt Lake!  My favorite product is the RX Muscle Repair.  It soothes and cools sore muscles after a long swim.

Thermometer (photo from Amazon.com)
It's important to know how your body behaves at different water temperatures and I never swim outside without first taking the water temperature.  I have been through several thermometers (one is at the bottom of Bear Lake and another was mangled by the pilot boat in England).  You can find them for pretty cheap online.  I prefer the old school submersible thermometers to the digital ones.  The one I have now I got from Amazon.com for about $8.

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