45 Degrees!

I met Jim, Gordon and Goody out at the GSL Marina for the weekly Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club swim.  It was raining this afternoon, which made the swim more fun!  I got there a little late and they were just getting into the water.  I hurried and stripped down and swam out to catch up with them.

Goody wanted to be sure that I told him when I was taking the picture so he could smile and not make a "dumb face"...Gordon, I guess, did the opposite.
The water didn't feel that bad today.  Don't get me wrong, it was cold, but not anything that I couldn't handle.  Maybe swimming twice a week for 20 or so minutes has helped me to shorten the cold shock.  After catching up with the guys, I pulled my camera from it's strategic location (hint, it wasn't in my cap), and snapped a few photos.

Notice the "cold water line" on Gordon's back.

Finally a little snow in the mountains...it kind of looks like winter.
Gords and Goody got out when we got back to the boat ramp and Jim said he wanted to stay in for 30 minutes.  I swam out to the end of the dock with him and then we headed back in.  I got out at 22 minutes and Jim floated around until he hit 30.  By the time we got out, his thermometer was showing just under 46 degrees.

Jim getting out after 30 minutes in the water.
The recovery wasn't that bad this time around and I wished that I had stayed in for 30 minutes with Jim.  I'm bummed to not be able to go to Gordon's cabin in Logan this weekend to swim in the Logan River, but Sue and I are planning on going out to the marina around 3:00pm to put in some time in the cold water.  Come and join us!  Stay in long enough and you can earn a WFPBC silicone cap and you can also qualify for the New Year's Swim.

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