47ish Degrees and Three New Polar Bears.

Great swim this afternoon!  Today's swimmers were Goody, Gordon, Sue, Todd, Ryan, Vicky and myself.  This was the first time for Todd, Ryan and Vicky, and I am happy to say they all earned caps (although Vicky left befire getting hers).

The water temp was around 47 or 48.  It felt warmer than on Tuesday, but that could be because the air temperature was warmer.  It doesn't really seem like winter swimming because the weather has been so warm.

It was Goody's first time back in a while and it didn't seem to even phase him.  He's a tough dude.

The new swimmers did great!  I was especially impressed with Sue and Todd's son, Ryan, who will have some bragging rights.  We agreed to shorten the time requirement because of his age, just to be safe.  Even so, he lasted 5 minutes!

I felt pretty good and swam free with my head in the water for a short while.  Sue, Goody, Gordon and I stayed in for 20 minutes.  I didn't shake much on the recovery and I could have stayed in longer.

Looking forward to Tuesday's swim!

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