Coldest Swim of the Year so Far!

Two new members of the Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club this afternoon: Miles and Anna.
I rushed out of work this afternoon to make it to the weekly Wasatch Front Polar Bear Club swim.  The water temperature was reported to be 38 degrees on the GSL Marina website.  I was excited to get in a test run of the New Year's Swim.

Gordon, Jim and Miles were already there when I pulled in with my family.  I waled down the ramp to join them and, after a little chit chat, we got ready and get in the water.

The water temperature that we measured varied from about 41 to 43 degrees.  This was the coldest swim of the year so far!

I have been a little anxious about the upcoming New Year's race because I haven't swam that far in water that cold.  I was looking forward to swimming the course today to make sure I could make the time cutoff swimming a mix of head-up and head-down free and breaststroke.

Gordon took off like it was a summer swim and didn't seem to have any problems keeping his face in the water.  I swam head-up free until I was near the marina entrance and then switched to breaststroke.  I wished I had taken my camera with me, because there was finally some snow on the rocks that would have made a good picture.

On the way back, I put my face in the water and swam for a while until I got to where Miles was.  From there I switched to breaststroke again and swam the rest of the way in.  I came in about a minute after Gordon, who finished in 6 minutes.  I'm feeling a lot better about the New Year's race now!

I wanted to stay in for 10 minutes, so I swam back out and talked with Miles for a while until he hit the 10 minute mark to earn his cap.  I swam out to meet Jim and when I looked back, I saw my neighbor Anna coming down the ramp!  She has been telling me that she wanted to try it out and earn a cap and she finally made it today!  She walked right in with no hesitation.  She did great!  I stayed in for about 3.5 minutes with her and then got out.  I think I ended up at about 18 minutes.

Gordon and I were talking about how we need to keep an official list of WFPBC members (those who have earned a cap).  If you have been out with us and got your cap, please leave your name in the comments or on the Facebook page so we can add you to the list.

I felt great after I got out and the recovery wasn't too bad either.  I think swimming twice a week is helping me to handle the cold better.

Saturday is Christmas Swimfest at the Gene Fullmer pool.  Swimfest is open to anyone who wants to come.  Afterwards, some of us are planning on heading to the GSL to cool down.  We'll post the time on the WFPBC page for anyone who wants to come with us.

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