Swimming in the Snow!

I wasn't able to go up to Gordon's cabin this weekend to swim in the Logan River, but I still wanted to get some cold water exposure in.  Sue and I agreed to meet this afternoon at 3:00pm.  I talked to Goody earlier in the day and he said he would be coming with three new people!  He has become our cold water missionary and has got a lot of people to come out and earn a cap.

Goody giving the group a safety briefing before getting into the water.

I was surprised by the crowd when I got there.  We had eight swimmers!  Three of them were there for the first time with WFPBC.  After a safety briefing by Goody, we stripped down and made out way to the water.  My thermometer read 46 degrees, but it was also right on the surface of the water.  Goody's read 43 degrees.

Getting ready to swim.

Polar Bears!

I waded into the water, and it didn't feel as cold as I was expecting.  I swam breaststroke for a while and took some photos.  If I am going to swim in the New Year's race, I decided I need to be able to swim freestyle instead of head-up breaststroke.  The hard part has been keeping my face in the water.  It didn't seem like an issue last year, but I am having the hardest time with it this year.  I alternated swimming head-up and head-down free for a little while.  I need to work on making myself keep my face in the water.

I couldn't help swimming through the foam.

Alan handled the cold water really well and earned himself a WFPBC cap!
It was fun being out in the water while it was snowing.  Once we got out to near the marina entrance, we noticed a big patch of foam floating on the water.  I couldn't resist, I had to swim into it.  After taking a few photos, we headed back to the ramp.  I ended up staying in for 16 minutes.  I probably would have stayed in longer, but everyone else was getting out.  I wasn't hardly shivering at 16 minutes and could have done more.  Maybe if Jim was there...

Alan was telling Sue and I about how he likes to do hard things like this because he can use the toughness he gain from the experience in his daily life.  I definitely agree!

Three swimmers earned their caps today!  I am impressed with the new swimmers that come out and stick it out for 10 minutes to earn their cap of the first try.  Good job guys!

I followed Jim's lead and brought a milk jug filled with hot water.  It feels really nice to pour that warm water on you when you get out.  Goody has sworn off of hot water and has been trying to convince us to do the same, but I like it too much!

The recovery wasn't bad this time around.  Maybe it was the hot water "shower" or the hot chocolate I drank, but I recovered pretty quickly.  I'd like to think my body is getting more acclimated to the cold.

It was a great swim today and I'm already looking forward to Tuesday afternoon!

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