2013 USMS 1 Hour Postal Swim

Gordon took this photo of me during my 1 Hour postal swim this morning.
I met Gordon this morning at 6:00am at the Northwest Rec Center to do the USMS 1 Hour Postal Swim.  The swim has to be done by the end of the month to count, so we were cutting in pretty close.

First of all, the Northwest pool is really nice.  There were only a handful of other swimmers in the pool while we were there and lots of open lanes.  If there weren't other pools closer to my house, I would probably start swimming there.

I swam first while Gords kept track of my time and splits.  I did 200 yards of easy free and back before starting the swim.  I knew that I was going to start out fast.  You kind of can't help it when you are excited to get going.  After about 1,000 yards, I settled into a pretty consistent pace of around 0:43 per 50.

Here are some graphs of my 50 and 100 splits:


My goal was to just make it to 4,000 yards.  I haven't been training nearly as hard as I was last year when I finished the 1 hour swim with 4,425 yards.  I ended up beating my goal with 4,155 yards, which was an average of about 1:27 per 100.  Not bad considering I have been having a hard time even holding a 1:30 pace at my recent workouts.

Gords was next and was shooting for 4,500 yards.  He did a quick warm-up before starting his swim.  His splits were MUCH faster than mine.  It didn't look like he was even pushing it because his stroke was so smooth.  He ended up a little short of his goal with a distance of 4,425.  Nice!

I had a lot of fun this morning and am looking forward to the other USMS postal events.  We will have to do a better job of organizing our SLOW members to participate.

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