2013 QUAC Ski-n-Swim Meet

Go SLOW!  (Photo by Todd Frehse)

Yesterday was the QUAC Ski-n-Swim meet.  I was far from my best times, but had a whole lot of fun with my teammates.

We had eight SLOW swimmers there: Gordon, Goody, Sue, Anne, Rachel, James, Stacey and myself.  It was the first time I had met James and Stacey and I am excited to have them both on our team.

We entered two SLOW relays for the 200 IM relay.  Team A was Gordon, James, Sue and Anne and Team B was Goody, Rachel, Stacey and myself.  I was nominated to lead the relay and swim backstroke.  I hadn't done a backstroke start since last year's meet.  There was some confusion as we never heard the starter say "take your mark".  Needless to say, I had a pretty bad start.  I tired to make up for it by swimming as fast as I could.  I had a pretty good turn and got in several dolphin kicks off the wall.  I like backstroke but never enter backstroke events.  Maybe for the next meet I will practice my started and enter the 50 or 100 back.  Goody was next with breaststroke and was followed by Stacey (fly) and Rachel (free).  We came in dead last, but had a blast!  The A team did much better and came in 5th overall.

Next up for me was the 100 IM.  I have never swam this event and entered it just to try something new.  The turns have been causing me problems all week and all I could think about on the starting block was making the right turns at each 25.  I felt pretty good and ended up with a time of 1:08.26, which I was happy with.

I sat out the 200 Free relay, but we had two SLOW teams entered.  The A team kicked butt at 1:55.43 and got third place.

My next event was the 500 free.  I entered with a seed time of 6:30.  I haven't been training as hard as I was last year when I did 6:01.  My only goal was to not get lapped by Gordon who had set an aggressive goal of 5:45 (which he beat!).  My arms felt like lead from the first stroke to the last.  I just couldn't get into a good rhythm and felt out of breath the whole time.  Gordon was in the lane next to me and I watched him get further and further ahead of me each lap.  He finished his 500 just seconds after I touched the wall at 450 yards.  I ended up with a 6:21.22.

I was really tired after the 500, but still had the 100 free.  I entered with a seed time of 59 seconds and ended up at 59.89.  The guy next to me was ahead at 50 yards but I cranked it up and out-touched him.

The best part of the meet was cheering on my teammates.  We came up with a team cheer and Gordon made some posters that he used at the end of the lanes to encourage us.  Everyone did really well and I think we are all motivated to swim faster at the next meet.  It was especially exciting to watch Goody swim his events.  He was far from his best times due to his recent cancer treatments, but he was having a great time.  We finished up the meet with a final team cheer before going down the slide :)

I was lucky to have Sabrina and my boys there to cheer me on.  My parents, grandma, sister and her family also came to watch.  I am really lucky to have such great supporters!

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