Swim at GSL and On Hill Events Clinic

Things got a little chaotic at work yesterday and I'm just getting around to posting about Tuesday...

Goody let everyone know that he was going out to GSL for a swim and that there would be a reporter there to do a story on him.  Sue, Gords and I went out to support him.

Goody, Gordon and I at the end of the marina. Photo by Sue.

The water temp measured about 52 degrees.  I haven't been to GSL since the New Year's Swim and it felt cold getting in.  Goody stayed on shore getting his picture taken while the rest of us swam out.  Since I hadn't been in for a while, I was just taking it easy and not going for distance.  I swam head up breaststroke out to the end of the marina and back.  As I was getting close to the ramp, Goody was just starting his swim.  I swam out to the end of the marina and back with him.  It was a total of 800 yards and about 20-25 minutes.  I felt great in the water but, as usual, got the shakes a few minutes after getting out.

It sounds like the University of Utah is going to do a nice story on Goody and he may possibly end up on a billboard!  They found the right guy to write a story on.  He has been an inspiration to a lot of us.

After taking a quick shower at the marina, I left for Bountiful.  Gordon had been asked by Joe Coles at On Hill Events to talk about open water swimming at a triathlon clinic.  Gordon asked me to help with part of the presentation and I was more than happy to tag along.

There was a group of about 20-25 people at the Top Gear Bike Shop on Main Street.  There were presenters on running and cycling and then Gordon and I got up to talk about open water.  I think it went pretty well.  Gordon talked about training, swimming with Masters, and places to swim and I talked about equipment, sighting and turns.  I love doing clinics and helping new open water swimmers and triathletes!

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