10K Pool Swim

I am excited to be swimming the LV10K in a couple weeks. As preparation for that swim, I met Sue and Kaitlin at the Salt Lake Sports Complex yesterday morning to get in a long swim before the event.

The LV10K course is a four loop course. Swimmers do not have their own kayak support, which is good and bad. A feed table will be set up so that swimmers can get their fuel when the are marked after each lap.

I wanted yesterday's swim to be as close as possible to how the LV10K is set up, so the plan was to swim 4 x 3,000 with feeds in between. Boring, I know, but it had to be done.

I set my watch to a 1:25 per 100 pace for the first 3,000. I felt good and it went by pretty fast. We stopped for a feed and were off again.

I kept my watch set to the same pace and I struggled to hold it towards the end. By the end of the second 3,000 I was feeling a little tired and regretted the 1:25 pace. I took a quick potty break, had a gel and more Perpetuem, and we were off again.

On the third 3,000 I slowed my pace down to 1:30 per 100 which was a little too slow.  Slowing down felt good though and I got into a good, relaxed rhythm.  Sue and I swam side-by-side for about 1,000 yards or so. Part way through, we all ended up moving over to the mini lane at the end of the pool because a Masters workout and water aerobics were taking up the rest of the pool.

At the end of the third 3,000, the end was in sight and I wanted to pick up the pace again on the last one. I set my watch for 1:25 again (which ended up being WAY too fast for the last one). I swam hard and sprinted the last 100.

I felt tired, but good, when we were done. Sue and I ended up closer to 6.8 miles and Kaitlin finished at 5 miles. This was both Kaitlin and Sue's longest ever swim. Nice!

I was grateful for Sue and Kaitlin coming to swim. It would have been VERY boring without them.

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