A Taste of Things to Come

Chad swimming back to the boat ramp.

Yesterday was a beautiful, warm day (finally).  I met Gordon, Chad and Jim at the Great Salt Lake Marina for a swim and to see the new safety plan Gordon has been working on.

This is just awesome!  Well done Gords!

The safety plan consists of a swimmer flag that can be posted at the end of the dock in the marina to alert other lake users that there are swimmers in the water.  You can also post your swimmer "tag" with your name and emergency contact info on the flag pole to let people know who is out there and who to contact should something happen.  I'm really impressed with the system and look forward to using it!

We got various water temperature readings, but settled on about 62 degrees.  It felt much warmer than when I was out there last time and it was still in the 50's.  Gordon took off to swim down to Black Rock and back while Jim, Chad and I took our time talking and making our way out to the first buoy.  We stayed out there for a while, drifting with the current, and enjoying the water and scenery.  This is what I have been missing all winter!  It gave me a taste of the many swims with friends that we be coming this year as the water continues to warm up.

Todd and Goody surprised us by showing up as we were getting out of the water.  I haven't seen Goody in a while and he is looking much better!  It was good to get caught up with him and I hope he will be back to swimming with us soon!

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