New Safety Plan for Swimmers at the Great Salt Lake

New swimmer safety flag at the Great Salt Lake Marina.

Gordon has been working hard on a plan to make swimming at the Great Salt Lake a little safer.  Yesterday afternoon he unveiled his plan and we tested it out.

Gordon got permission from the Harbormaster to to install a swimmer flag at the end of the dock that can be posted when there are swimmers in the water.  The hope is that it will alert other lake users to keep an eye out for swimmers.

Swimmer "tags" with emergency contact info that are posted on the swimmer flag while swimming.

The really cool part is that you can post your "tag" on the flag with your name and emergency contact info when you get in the water.  When you finish your swim, just take off your tag and, if you are the last swimmer in, put the flag away.

I'm really excited about this new system and think that it will help us be a little safer out on the lake.

The full details of the plan and other safety tips can be found in the following document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JJAduq09C2XX9J4p8Llvq_TA0i5LIEp2Mq5NknVq0ZI/edit


IronMike said...

Are you concerned of hooligans coming by and stealing the tags or the flag? How much of your personal info is on the tag?

Just wondering. Hoping to find a lake in the DC area to do this same sort of thing...someday.

Josh said...

The flag stores away and is also attached with a metal cable. I guess if someone really wanted to take it, it wouldn't be too hard.

The tags are keychains and only have a name and emergency contact number. We will take them with us when we leave.