Choppy Swim at the GSL

There was a good group at the marina yesterday afternoon.  The weather was really nice and Gordon, Goody, Chad, Sue, Kate and myself all took advantage by going for a swim.

I've been getting a little nervous about the LV10K next week because the water temp is 63 degrees and I haven't done any long swims at that temperature for a while.  The water temp at www.gslmarina.com reported 62 degrees at the marina, so I though it would be a good opportunity to see what I would be up against next week.

I was relieved when we started wading into the water that it didn't feel too bad (the fact that it was warm and sunny outside didn't hurt).  Once we swam out of the marina, it warmed up noticeably and by the end of the swim, those with thermometers were getting readings of 67 to 68 degrees.

As soon as we turned the corner out of the marina, we were faced with pretty good sized swells that were coming right at us.  It took me a while to adjust and I ended up swimming more of a "catch-up" stroke into the waves.

Gords, Chad, Sue and I met up at the first red buoy and we decided to keep going straight out to the next red buoy.  Once we got to the second buoy, Sue and I decided to head back and Gords and Chad kept going out to the third buoy.  It was a lot of fun swimming with the waves back towards the marina.  You could really feel them pushing you forward.

Back at the first buoy, I was feeling great and was going to swim east to the white buoy.  Instead, we saw Kate (in for her second swim) and Goody just outside of the marina and I decided to hang out with them and chat.  After a while, we all headed back in to the boat ramp.

I didn't wear my GPS, but I'm guessing the total swim was around 0.75 mile.  It was a lot of fun to be out in the lake, swimming with a big group of friends.


Freementia said...

Are you using wetsuits for these swims?

Josh said...

Most of us don't wear wetsuits, but some swimmers do.