Memorial Day Swim

There was a pretty good group that got together yesterday for a Memorial Day swim at the Great Salt Lake.  Sue, Todd, Annie, Goody, Stacey and I were all in attendance.

The water was warm, about 68 degrees, and the wind was blowing southwest.  There were quite a few brine shrimp at the bottom of the boat ramp, but it was nice out in the marina and in the main body of the lake.

The waves were a little rough once we got out of the marina.  There had been a small craft advisory on the Great Salt Lake Marina website and Sue and Todd decided to leave their kayak at home.  That didn't stop Goody from bringing his.  When I caught up to Goody and Annie, I joked that I was going to tip him over.  I guess he had already tipped over twice since leaving the marina and was completely soaked.  We had a good laugh before continuing on with our swim.

Sue, Todd, Stacey and I headed out towards Black Rock.  Even though we were getting hit with waves on our right, I was still able to breathe on both sides by rolling a little more.  I was surprised when we got near Black Rock how shallow it is.  The water level is not as high as it has been the past couple of years and I bottomed out well before making it to Black Rock.  It will make for an interesting finish at the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim on June 8th.

Sue, Todd and Stacey at Black Rock Beach.

After stopping for a quick drink and photo, we headed back to the marina.  By this time the waves had calmed down somewhat and the swim back was pretty nice.  By the time we got out of the water, my thermometer was reading 70 degrees.  I forgot to charge my Hydro Tracker, but we swam just over two miles total.

I'm looking forward to the Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim coming up in less than two weeks.  It was fun to be out there yesterday with three of our 8 mile swimmers, a one mile swimmer and a support paddler.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for nice weather...

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