First Deer Creek Swim of the Year

Sue posted that she was going to Deer Creek yesterday afternoon and, luckily, things worked out that my family and I could meet her.  Goody, Jim, Connie, and Rachel also showed up for the swim.  There were a couple guys from Utah County who tried to meet up with us, but I didn't have cell or internet service to get a hold of them.  Sorry Karl!

The water level was pretty low, but the lake still looked beautiful as we pulled up.  No one was quite sure what the water temperature was going to be.  The State Parks website has been showing a temp of 57 degrees for the past few days, but I had heard reports of 65 from swimmers.  It ended up being between 66 and 68 degrees, which was a little chilly getting in but felt great once you got in and got moving around.

Sue, Goody, Jim and Connie took off while I tried to get my family settled on our paddle board.  As I was swimming around with my family, I noticed Rachel coming down the steep cliff.  I swam back to meet her and then swam for a little bit with her before taking off to catch up with Jim.  When I caught up to Jim, he was using his Safer Swimmer as a pillow and just floating in the water, relaxing.  He and I chatted for a while and just took in the beautiful view.  After a few minutes we headed back to our starting point.

Map of my swim.  Just over a mile total.
This was my first swim at Deer Creek this year.  It's such a perfect place to swim, I hope to be spending a lot more time up there this summer before the Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim.  I missed the race last year and am excited to swim the 10 mile this year.

After the swim, we all (minus Rachel) headed to one of my favorite restaurants, Tarahumara, for some post swim food.  It was a really enjoyable afternoon of swimming and time spent with friends and family.

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