Four Degrees in Two Days

Can you see why I chose to ditch the pool this morning?
I drove up to Jordanelle again this morning and was at the PWC boat ramp a little before 6:00am.  There were a couple boats docked at the end of the ramp, but no one else in sight.  The water was calm and glassy.  The sun was just starting to come up over the mountains and had turned the clouds pink, which reflected on the water.  It was beautiful.

I dropped my thermometer in near the dock and then got the rest of my gear ready to go.  I waded into the water before checking the temperature and it felt about the same as it did on Wednesday.  When I checked the thermometer it read 66 degrees!  That's up four degrees in just two days!  I think about 68-70 degrees is my ideal temperature, and it's getting close.

I swam east to the end of the buoy line and back to the ramp.  From there, I started swimming west to the opposite end of the buoys, but kind of freaked myself out a couple buoys shy of the end.  I was thinking about being out in the water by myself and I let it mess with my mind, even though I didn't feel cold, was close to shore, and had my Safer Swimmer.  I turned back to the ramp to check the temperature again.  My thermometer takes a while to get a good reading sometimes and I wanted to see if it had gone down at all.  Still 66 degrees.

By this time the sun was up over the mountains and I started out west towards the end of the buoys again.  Something about the sun being up was really comforting and I made it to the end of the buoy line without getting myself worked up.  Once the sun was up, it started to feel pretty nice.

When I got back to the green buoy, I noticed some splashing ahead of me.  As I got to the red buoy I saw that there were three other swimmers in the water.  I stopped and talked to one of the guys for a minute.  He couldn't believe that I was swimming without a wetsuit and said he had to wear his for warmth and buoyancy.  I am not hard-core anti-wetsuit like some other open water swimmers are, but it does bug me a little bit that a lot of swimmers and triathletes think that they just can't swim without one.  I think wetsuits are sometimes used as a crutch and keep people from learning better technique and body positioning.  On the other hand, I understand that wetsuits are legal in triathlon and, if I were still doing tri's, I would probably take advantage of the extra buoyancy and train in one too.  I just like to be able to feel the water on my skin and don't like the tightness and restriction of wetsuits.  Just my personal preference.

I finished up just shy of an hour and a little under two miles.  This is quickly becoming a favorite place to swim.  Door-to-shore, it takes me a little over 30 minutes.  The water is getting to a comfortable temperature and the big long ling of buoys makes for a nice, relatively safe, swim course.  I'll be up there again with a few other swimmers on Wednesday (July 3) at 6:00am.  It's early, I know, but come check it out!  You don't get these views from a pool.

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