Slugging it out at the GSL

This morning I opted for a swim at GSL instead of at the pool.  From the moment I stepped out the door, I knew it was going to be a rough swim.  There was a slight breeze when I left home and I knew it would be worse at the lake.

Sure enough, there were white caps when I got to the marina.  I though I might just bag it and head home, but decided to stay and swim near the marina instead of the 3-4 miles I was planning to do.

Whitecaps at Silver Sands

The water was warm and clear and the sun was just coming up as I started to swim to the first red buoy off of Silver Sands Beach.  It was rough going as the wind blew from the northwest.  I swam west to the next red buoy and then to the marina entrance, breathing only on the left side to avoid getting a mouthful of water.  From there I turned and headed back to where I started, and then out to the next buoy, this time breathing only on the right.  I did the same thing again and called it a day.

I felt like I was slugging it out in both senses of the word: punching through the waves and going at a really slow pace.  The whole time I was thinking that for those who have a hard time learning to bilateral breathe, they ought to come out to the GSL on a windy day.  That will teach you REALLY quick to breathe on both sides.

Map of my swim route.  I was all over the place because I wasn't sighting very often (I couldn't see over the swells when I did) and was getting pushed around quite a bit.

All in all, it ended up being a nice swim and ended up being more of  a mental training day than a distance training day.  I did about 2.19 miles according to my GPS.

Now that other lakes are starting to warm up, I am thinking about doing a weekly Wednesday morning swim at Jordanelle and maybe moving my Thursday afternoon swim there as well.  It's about the same distance from my house and it will be nice to swim in some cooler, less salty, water.

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