Swimming with Paul Newsome

Paul Newsome after his first swim at the Great Salt Lake.  Photo by Gordon Gridley.

Gordon and I were contacted recently by Simon Griffiths, founder of the fabulous H2Open Magazine.  He mentioned that Paul Newsome, founder of Swim Smooth and recent winner of MIMS, would be coming through Utah and suggested we try to meet up.

Paul and Adam Young were delayed for a couple days and I thought it wasn't going to work out to meet up with them.  Yesterday morning I got a text from Paul wanting to know if we were still up for a swim.

Adam Young, Goody, me and Paul Newsome.  Photo by Gordon Gridley

Goody, Gords and I met Paul and Adam at the GSL Marina at about 3pm.  After some quick introductions, we got changed and greased up to head down to the water.  It was pretty windy when we walked down to the boat ramp.  Both Paul and Adam were really surprised by how buoyant they were and, after getting a taste of the water, joked that it was like eating a whole bag of potato chips.

As we turned the corner out of the marina, the wind started to pick up and we swam through the chop to the first red buoy.  We decided to do a quick swim east to the third red buoy and back.  As we started swimming, the wind REALLY picked up.  Luckily it was pushing us toward the buoys and it was fun to ride the waves.  After a while I started feeling what I though were raindrops, but was actually just the spray from the wind.  Gords and Paul were a ways ahead of me and Adam and Goody were behind me, so I ended up swimming by myself.  After catching up to Gords and Paul, we decided to just go back to Silver Sands instead of fighting the wind all the way back the way we came.

Paul, Adam and Gords rinsing off the salt, grease and brine flies.

After we got out, we had some good laughs about the experience and washed off at the hose.  Both Paul and Adam said that it was a swim that they would never forget.  They are a couple of great guys and I'm glad that it worked out for us to meet them and swim with them.

I'm somewhat familiar with the Swim Smooth program and have had the Mr. Smooth program installed on my computer for a while, which I refer to when trying to work out kinks in my stroke.  After meeting Paul and Adam, I'm going to look into their program a little more.

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