What People Are Saying About GSLOW 2013

We have tried really hard to get media coverage for the Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon Swim over the past couple years with little success.  I wasn't expecting much this year either, but we were very lucky to have NPR and KUTV 2 take interest in our event and swimmers.  Below are some links to news stories and race reports.

KUTV 2 - Talkin' Sports with Adam Mikulich
Adam Mikulich Takes on the Great Salt Lake - Part 1
Adam Mikulich Takes on the Great Salt Lake - Part 2

NPR - Howard Berkes
Salt, Flies, Pickled Tongues: A Perfect Great Salt Lake Swim
The Iceman Swimmeth, Chanting 'F Cancer'

Daily News of Open Water Swimming
Reeves Wills Himself to Victory in Great Salt Lake

Rachel Wagner - 1 Mile SLOW Swimmer
Chad Starks - 8 Mile SLOW Swimmer

"perhaps it is the fastest water you can swim in. The high salinity increases water density which means swimmers float high in the water. Add that to the increased efficiency gained in pulling and kicking and you have fast water. Does it have negative consequences? Yes, but with experience these can be minimized. With the exception of swimming downstream, the GSL water is the fastest water I've experienced." - Will Reeves, 8-mile winner and record holder.
"This race is definitely one of the most memorable of all my races."  - Mark Spratt, 8 mile swimmer
"This event really has a great friendly feel to it, like a group of friends out on an adventure. We laughed the whole way on the drive through Antelope Island." - Mark Spratt, 8 mile swimmer

Race Directors
Gordon Gridley
Josh Green

Race Results
Elevated Racing

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