5K+ Swim at Jordanelle and Lots of New Swimmers

Looking back at the western buoys from near the Jordanelle Reservoir PWC ramp.

Word is spreading about our Wednesday morning swims at Jordanelle.  We had 10 swimmers this morning!  The water was surprisingly warm at 72 degrees.  That's up 6 full degrees just from last Friday.

We swam east to the end of the buoy line and then waited to regroup.  Once we were all accounted for, we swam back to the boat ramp and six of us continued on to the opposite end.  We regrouped again before heading back to the boat ramp for a total of 1.4 miles.

I had planned to do 5K today, so I came into the boat ramp with the group to check my thermometer, change out my goggles for tinted ones, and grab a quick drink.  After saying goodbye to everyone but Kris (who was still in the water), I hopped back in.  I swam out to the end of the buoys and then kept going until I got to the shore.  I swam all the way back to the opposite end and then a little past the last buoy.  On the way back, I did a few extra loops around buoys to be sure that I had at least 5K.  I ended up at 3.4 miles in just under two hours (which included two stops to regroup and the one stop at the boat ramp).

The water felt so nice, I was tempted to not go into work today and just keep swimming.  I'm be there again this Friday.  Same time. Same place.

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