Cisco Beach to Bear Lake Marina

I really didn't think this photo was going to turn out well, but it's AWESOME!  Photo credit: Gords Swim Log
This morning was the Bear Lake Monster Swim that Gordon and I organized.  We took the event over when Ben, the original organizer, told us he was moving out of state for school.

Gords and I were both a little bummed that we wouldn't be able to participate in the event and run it at the same time, so we decided to swim the course on Friday morning.

We got to Cisco beach around 8am and started our swim a little after 8:30.  Bear Lake is such a beautiful lake.  The first thing I noticed when we got in the water is how clear it is.  I could see the bottom for a while until the lake got too deep.  From then until nearly the finish, all I could see was turquoise blue and my hands as they pulled.

Gords and I swimming at Bear Lake.  Photo credit: Gords Swim Log

Gordon and I started of at exactly the same speed, but he started pulling ahead before we took our first feed.  From then on, he would get a ways ahead of me and we would regroup at feeds.  I saw him stop a couple times, I think he was waiting for me to catch up.

The water felt great and the time seemed to pass by really fast.  I put sunscreen on my head and my cap kept slipping off.  Finally, I just took it off and tucked it into my suit for the rest of the way.  At one point we swam right over the top of some mysterious bubbles coming up from the bottom of the lake.  Bear Lake Monster?

Austin was a good sport.  Even though he wasn't feeling well when we started, he did a great job paddling for us.

As we got closer to shore, the distance was really deceiving.  Gords and I both starting picking up the pace and the shore didn't seem to get any closer.  I was almost at a sprint near the end, trying not to get completely dropped by Gordon.  We finished with a time of 3:17, which I was happy with.  I thought I would be closer to 3:30.

We finished a little too far north of where the Bear Lake Monster Swim finishes and had to swim south to the right beach.

I had a great time and hope to make this a tradition before the race.  Thanks to Gords, Austin and my patient wife Sabrina for making it happen.

Race report coming tomorrow...I'm going to bed.

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