Eight Swimmers, 71 Degrees

We had a group of 8 swimmers at Jordanelle this morning. The air temperature was a little chilly, but the water was 71 degrees and felt great.

My pool buddy Chris came out to swim with us for the first time and I hung back to keep an eye on her.  She did great and seemed to be having a lot of fun.  Hopefully she will come swim with us again!  This was Goody's first time swimming at Jordanelle.  He was surprised by how quickly he got to the lake and hopefully he will come swim with us more.

After finishing the first lap, Goody and I swam in to the boat ramp and said goodbye to the other swimmers who were headed home.  After switching our goggles from clear to tinted, we hopped back in the water.  We saw Sue near the boat ramp.  She was swimming fast and hadn't stopped since we jumped in.  We said "hi" and kept going.  At the end of the buoys we stopped to take some photos and chatted for a while while swimming breaststroke.  We must have been really slow, because we saw Sue coming back towards us in the same place we saw her before.  I had to get out and get to work, but Sue and Goody kept going.

It was a nice swim and I am looking forward to doing it again on Friday.

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