Five Swimmers, Two Laps

I met Lisa, Kevin, Karl and Goody at Jordanelle this morning.  It was a nice morning, but it is starting to get a little chilly up there at 6am.

Goody called me up to his car and gave me a bunch of Cliff Bars.  He doesn't like the macadamia nut flavor and knows that I do.  I don't eat them during my swims, but I do like to have one before I get in the water on a long swim.  Thanks buddy!  When I walked back down the boat ramp, Kevin, Lisa and Karl were already in the water and making their way to the third buoy.

I didn't waste any time getting in the water.  It always feels cold until I get to the first buoy and then I'm fine.  Starting this early in the morning, before the sun comes out, the air temperature is cooler than the water which makes it feel colder than it really is.

My plan was to swim two laps.  On the first lap, I saw the other swimmers at different spots but didn't stop to chat.  I love it when the sun comes up at the end of the first loop, it's such a mental boost.  The second lap was perfect.  On the last half I tried picking up the pace every third buoy and I think I might try to work in some more "fast" swimming intervals then next time I go up.  Maybe sprint for one buoy, take it easy for two, and repeat the whole way.

When I got out, the water temperature was 70 degrees.  It was up as high as 72  a week or so ago, but the weather has cooled down a little bit.  Goody was planning on doing a longer swim and was still going when I left.

I'm looking forward to swimming again on Friday (not sure where yet) and the SLOW clinic at Deer Creek on Saturday.


Freementia said...

Hey Guys,

I'd like to join you one of these days.


Josh said...


You are welcome to come with us anytime.