Chilly Swim and Shakey Recovery

I met Gordon at the GSL Marina this afternoon for a WFPBC swim.  The water temp on my thermometer read 51 degrees before we got in.  At the end of the swim, Gordon's thermometer said 49.

Gordon was going for 4 laps (1 mile) in anticipation of his ice mile coming up. I was just going fo time, with a goal of 30 minutes.

It took me a minute and a half to get over the cold shock and get my breathing under control. After about 6 minutes, I was feeling "comfortable".  After about 10 minutes my hands and feet stopped hurting and felt warm.

I puttered around, keeping an eye on Gords until he finished his last lap.  I was starting to shiver after about 20 minutes and decided to get out at 27 minutes instead of push it any further. It's only my second cold water swim of the season after all.

The shivering was pretty bad and took me about 20 minutes to stop. I really hate the recovery.

I'm hoping to meet Goody out there again tomorrow.  I've got to get acclimated for the New Year's Swim.

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