2014 USMS 1-hour Postal Swim

Last Saturday, Goody picked me up and we drove to the Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center so that we could do our 1-hour postal swims.

For those not familiar with a postal swim, you basically get a month (or more) to swim a certain time or distance and submit the results via mail (hence "postal") or online.  These swims can be done in any pool as long as it meet the length requirement of the event.  The USMS 1-hour postal National Championship, the first of five National Championship postal events, must be swum during January and results submitted by February 10, 2014.  Details on the event can be found here.

Goody did a very brief warm-up and started his hour swim.  He didn't tell me a specific goal that he was shooting for ahead of time, just that he wanted to swim it and get over 3,000 (which he easily did).  He looked good throughout the swim, although I could tell he was getting tired towards the end.  He ended up at 3,610 yards in an hour.

I jumped in next and did about 100 yards warm-up.  In retrospect, this was way too little warm-up and I should have done at least 1,000 yards.  I really wanted to hit 4,500 yards.  I knew I could do 4,000 without any trouble, but I really wanted to push to a 1:20 per 100 pace.

I felt pretty good throughout the swim.  The pool was getting crowded and I started circle swimming about halfway through because I was sure someone was going to share my lane.  Little did I know that Goody was keeping people out!  In retrospect, I would either take half a lane or swim straight down the line for the whole hour.  I thought about stopping to grab a drink at one point near the end, but decided to just tough it out.  I sprinted the last 500 yards or so and pushed it pretty hard.  You can see in my splits below that I sped up quite a bit.


My fastest 50 split was 37.91 and my slowest was 42.2.  I averaged 40.8 seconds per 50.


My fastest 100 split was 1:16.38 (which was the last 100!) and my slowest was 1:23.64.  My average 100 split was 1:21.57, just over my goal pace of 1:20.

I didn't make a chart of my 500 splits, but my last 500 was actually faster than my first at 6:30.66.  I'm really happy that I had enough in the tank to swim faster at the end, but that also means that I probably could have pushed harder throughout the swim.  At the 1,650 mark, I was only about 1 minute behind my most recent time from the South Davis meet.

In the end I finished at 4,420 yards, just shy of my goal.  I'm generally happy with that number, although I know with a few tweaks (longer warm-up and no circle swimming) I could hit 4,500.

Tomorrow morning I get to count for Gordon and I'm excited to see how far he goes.  He has been getting really fast lately and he should easily get over 4,500 yards.

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Unknown said...

Josh, you know I wouldn't let anyone dare interfere with your swim. There were at least 50 people that wanted/begged to get in the lane with you. I made all 50 share one lane. Whenever they tried to "sneak" over, I would just take my sidearm out, point it at them, and wait. They would get the hint and move back.
Good job on the swim.