First Real Open Water Swim of the Year

Yesterday afternoon I was finally able to meet with the Salt Lake Open Water (SLOW) club for a swim at the Great Salt Lake Marina.  It was my first real open water swim of the year and first time back to the lake since New Year's.

We had a pretty good group consisting of Gordon, Goody, Sarah, Mike, Karl, and myself.  Mike is planning to do the 8 mile Great Salt Lake Open Water Marathon Swim this June and it was his first time swimming in the GSL.

I talked with Gordon and Mike in the parking lot while we waited for everyone else to show up.  I showed them the new brine shrimp medals for this year's race and they were both impressed.  We took the medal into the gift shop and showed it to them and talked about the possibility of selling them as keychains in the gift shop.  The woman running the visitor's center thought they were awesome and Gordon has already made contact with the decision maker about getting them in the shop.

Once everyone was there, we headed down to the boat ramp and got greased up and ready to go.  The water felt pretty chilly when we first got in.  The GSL website was reporting 50 degrees, but I think it was a little warmer than that.

We swam out to the red buoy just outside the marina and regrouped.  Karl and Mike were headed back and Goody went with them.  Gordon, Sarah and I swam out to the next buoy and back.  The water was a little murky, but seemed warmer outside of the marina.  In most places, the first foot or two of the water was pretty warm with much colder water below.  We spent so much time inside the marina during polar bear season, that it was really nice to be out in the open lake.

When we got back to the first buoy, Good was there waiting for us.  Goody had spent the day celebrating being one year cancer free.  At the buoy he swam over and gave me a hug and thanked me for being supportive during that tough time of his life.  He is a great friend and we are really lucky to have him as part of our team.

I swam back to the boat ramp and talked with Mike and Karl until everyone else finished swimming.  We all talked for a while longer and then went our separate ways.

I'm already looking forward to our swim next Wednesday...

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