Morning Swim at Bountiful Lake

This morning I met Brendan and Lisa at Bountiful Lake for a morning swim.

The water was cooler than expected at 64 degrees, but once we got in and moving it felt pretty comfortable.

It was Lisa's first time swimming at Bountiful Lake and we decided to swim some laps with the islands on one side of the loop and the two docks on the other side of the loop.  It ended up being a shorter distance than I thought.  We were in the water for about an hour and did three loops, just under two miles.  It was a beautiful morning, especially when the sun came up over the mountains.  We saw a few anglers and a few paddle boards out on the water as we were finishing up.

I met Brendan on Wednesday night.  He is visiting from Colorado for the summer and really wants to do a solo swim at the Bear Lake Monster Swim in July.  He has been swimming at Bountiful Lake every day since Wednesday and has a plan for getting in some yards at the pool.  Today he swam laps around the first island.  I didn't get a chance to catch up to him and see how he did, since he was gone when we finished.  I'm excited for him to be working towards such an awesome goal!  He could become the youngest person to do a solo width crossing of Bear Lake!

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