Warm and Windy Swim at the Great Salt Lake

Yesterday afternoon I drove out to the Great Salt Lake Marina to drop of a check to Dave Shearer, GSL Harbormaster, for our special use permit and use of the State Parks boats for the upcoming Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim this Saturday. I talked to him for a bit about the event and got a few other things taken care of.

There was a group that was going to swim around the same time, so I got suited and greased up and met Sue, Todd, and Chad in the parking lot. We waited for a while for a few other people who were going to come, and then got in. The water felt pretty good. Really warm on the surface and cool just below. My thermometer read 74 degrees in the marina, but that was in shallow water and the marina is typically warmer than outside in the main body of the lake. Once we got out of the marina, the water felt a bit cooler, but it was probably still 70 degrees.

The water is much clearer than the last time I was out there. The brine shrimp are doing their job, eating the algae. I couldn't see the bottom, but visibility was probably a good six feet or so. It was pretty choppy outside the marina and I took in a couple mouth fulls of saltwater. We swam out to the third buoy and Sue and Todd turned around. Chad and I kept going to the fourth buoy and then turned around. There were several boats on the water and I was sighting more than usual to make sure we weren't going to get hit.

On the way back, I saw a couple people just outside the marina. I assumed it was Sue and Todd, but when I got back to the boat ramp, it turned out to be Rachel and her friend Anna (who was swimming at GSL for the first time).

Water conditions should be good for this Saturday and so far, the weather looks like it will be nice. There is still time to register for the swim. Prices go up on Wednesday. Click here for the registration page.

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