4+ Miles at Bountiful Lake

4.37 Miles in 2 hour 12 minutes (including feeds)
I met Sarah this morning at 5:30am at Bountiful Lake. It was a little bit dark, but not too bad with clear goggles. I realized the other day that I haven't really done any long swims in preparation for the Dam 2 Dam swim coming up next month. I decided I wanted to get a longer swim today and was shooting for 4 miles. Sarah was going to swim for two hours.

The water felt cool getting in, but was completely comfortable once I started swimming. I didn't take a temperature, but it had to be in the upper 60's or even low 70's.

I swam four laps before stopping to take a drink. I did another two laps and stopped for a drink and gel. One the last lap, I alternated swimming 200 strokes easy / 100 strokes hard. Considering that I wasn't using my regular feeds of Perpetuem, I felt pretty good. I caught glimpses of Sarah here and there, but she was done and gone before I finished. Towards the end there were a lot of people fishing, a couple of them were out on boats. One guy was nice enough to guide me safely through the three fishing lines he had in the water.

I still need to get in some more long swims before August. Hopefully at the SLOW Swim Trek at Flaming Gorge I'll be able to do at least a 10K.

Great swim today!

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