Busy Morning Swim at Jordanelle

Jordanelle Reservoir, looking towards the dam.
I wanted to get one semi-long swim in before Dam 2 Dam next week. I was thinking about going to Deer Creek this morning, but decided to just go to Jordanelle instead since it's so much closer.  I got to the lake a little before 6am and got changed and headed down to the water.

There were already some fishermen there, but no boats. The water was very glassy and the temperature felt nice.

I followed the buoys like normal, but then swam out to the end of the point where there are three more buoys. One of these big "L" shaped laps is just over 2 miles.  On the first lap, I noticed another swimmer in the water but didn't stop to talk to them. I saw the same swimmer again, and it turned out to be Lisa Gentile. It was good to see a familiar face! We swam in to the ramp together and got a drink and I changed out my goggles.

The "L" Loop. Just over 2 miles.
We did one more of the regular laps. I was planning to do another big "L" lap, but the boat traffic was getting busy.  I saw one that looked like it zipped right in front of Lisa, cutting her off.  I decided I'd rather be safe and be 1/2 mile short of what I had planned.

By the time I left, the lake was getting pretty busy. The shore was filling up and there were a bunch of boats, jet skis, and paddle boards out on the water. That's the problem with swimming on a Saturday.  During the week it's far less crowded.

Anyway, it was a good swim. I'm still a bit nervous about Dam 2 Dam, but I'm just going to take it easy.  It's not a race anyway.  Assuming I finish, it will be my longest open water swim. Believe it or not, I've actually done a swim longer than that in the pool...

Another cheesy swimming selfie.

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