Swimming in the Rain

This morning I was supposed to meet Goody at Jordanelle. When I stepped outside, it was raining and, for a second, I thought about going back to bed.  I figured since I was already up, I may as well drive up there and see what conditions were like.  On the way up the canyon, it started raining harder.  I told myself that if Goody's car wasn't there, I would turn back and go home.

When I got to the parking lot, Goody's was waiting for me in his car.  I pulled up and he rolled down the window. "Looks like were swimming in the rain!"

I got changed and saw Lisa and her husband Tom pull up.  Tom was going to fish, but decided to head home because of the rain.  Lisa stayed to swim and then rode home with me.

The water felt nice in the rainy air.  The temperature was 70 degrees, which I'm sure was warmer than the air. There was mist and fog over the water and mountains, it was quite beautiful.  I wish I had brought my camera, it would have been a cool picture of the three of us in the water.

I just wanted to swim one lap this morning.  Just trying to stay loose for Friday's Dam 2 Dam swim in Idaho.  The good thing about swimming on a rainy day is that you don't see the sun come up and there is no glare on the water.  It made sighting the buoys a breeze.

After we finished a lap, we chatted at the boat ramp for a while about Goody's upcoming Bear Lake crossing.  I'm really hoping I can get up there to help him.  Lisa also invited me to do a double width crossing with her and Sarah...I'll have to think about that and run it past the boss.

Anyway, it was a nice swim and I'm glad I stuck it out and didn't go home.  Easy swim tomorrow and then Dam 2 Dam on Friday.

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