Beautiful Morning Swim at Jordanelle

Lisa messaged me earlier this week asking if I wanted to swim at Jordanelle.  Today worked out to be the best day and she offered to pick me up and give me a ride.

We met Goody and George Halow (who came from out of state to swim the 10-mile Deer Creek swim) at the boat ramp and got going.

I didn't take a water temperature, but it was pretty warm.  Lisa, Goody and I set out to do two laps (3 miles) and George only had time to do one lap before leaving to catch his plane home.

We saw a couple triathletes part way through our first lap. There was a bit of little chop, but it soon settled down. I was swimming at a pretty good pace on the first lap and Lisa and George were right there with me.

The second lap felt slower.  It's always hard when the sun comes up over the mountains and you are swimming into it.  It makes it really hard to see the buoys.  We saw Goody heading west when we were heading east on the second lap.  I was going to try to catch him after we turned at the last buoy, but the bar I ate before leaving the house wasn't sitting well and I didn't want to encourage it to come up.  The water was glass on the way back and it was quite beautiful.  After finishing, Lisa and I hung out at the ramp for a bit and enjoyed the scenery before heading home. What a great way to start the day.

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