Early Morning Adventure at GSL

This morning I got up EARLY to meet Sarah and Chad at the Great Salt Lake.  Since we knew the gate to the marina would be locked until close to 7am, the plan was to meet at 5am at Saltair and then walk down to the beach and swim toward the marina.

It was really dark outside of Saltair as we sat in our cars. Luckily Sarah brought some glow sticks so we could keep track of each other in the water.  We didn't realize how far we were going to have to walk to get to the water.  Once we finally got to the edge of the water, we stripped down and greased up.  The water was very shallow and it took us a while to get to where it was deep enough that we could swim.

By the time we got going, we had limited time to swim.  Chad and Sarah both had to be out by 7.  We decided to just swim straight out into the lake for 15 minutes and then head back.  It was kind of disorienting to be swimming straight out into the lake, in the dark.  There was nothing to sight on, so I felt like I was all over the place.  The water felt great.  I didn't take a temperature, but gslmarina.com reports 74 degrees.  After about 15 minutes we stopped and floated in the water.  We talked for a while about recent and upcoming swims at Bear Lake.  There is a lot going on up there in the next few weeks.

Sarah likes to put her grease/sunscreen mix under her nose.  Chad and I had a hard time taking her seriously with her white mustache.

It was much lighter outside on the way back and we had lights and other landmarks to sight on.  After getting back to shore, we walked back up to our cars.

We were all over the place on the way out because there was nothing to sight on.  The way back in was much straighter.
Today's swim wasn't about distance or training, it was about having fun.  I had a blast floating in the dark talking and joking with my friends.

I would definitely try another swim this early from Saltair, but would plan extra time to get to the water and back.  Sue and I talked last year about doing a SLOW club swim from Saltair to Black Rock.  I'd love to do it.  Anyone interested?

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