Product Shout-Out: Solrx Waterblock Sunscreen

Last Friday I participated in the 11-mile Dam 2 Dam swim just outside of Boise, ID.  In preparing for a 5.5 hour swim, I thought a lot about sunscreen and wanted to be sure that I put something on that would keep my back from getting fried during the swim.

A year or so ago, I read something by another swimmer about Solrx, which claimed to be waterproof for 8 hours. This swimmer swore by it and it's kind of been in the back of my mind since then.  I looked around online for it (because it's not something that is carried in most retail stores), but couldn't seem to find the one that lasted 8 hours.  After doing a little digging on the Solrx website, it looks like they had to change their label because of the FDA, but the product and formulation is unchanged.  With that, I ordered a 3 ounce tube of SPF 50 Waterblock from Amazon for about $12.

I was telling Chad about this new sunscreen, and found out that he has already been using it. He likes it so much that he got the dive shop he is affiliated with in Tooele to carry it.

The morning of the big swim, I covered myself in the stuff. I assumed it was going to be thick and greasy if it lasts 8 hours in the water, but it was smooth and was not greasy at all.

The weather was a little overcast during the swim and I didn't really feel the sun beating down on me.  When I got out, the only spots that were event remotely sunburned were a couple spots around my armpits and neck that I didn't cover very well.

I'm pretty impressed with this stuff and plan to use it on all my long swims.

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Chad Starks said...

this is the best stuff in the world!