2015 USMS 1-Hour ePostal

It's that time of year again...time for the annual USMS 1-Hour Postal swim.

I got my buddy Goody to meet me at Kearns Oquirrh Park Fitness Center this morning. I got there a little later than I planned, but still got in a warm-up of about 700 yards before Goody got there.

My goal was 4,500 yards, but I thought I would probably end up somewhere around 4,400.  I think I could do 4,500, but I'd need a watch or someone on deck to help me with pacing (which is against the rules of the USMS postal).

Anyway, I finished at 4,452 yards, rounded down to 4,450.  Not too far off of my goal and a 30 yard improvement from last year. I'd like to do it again later this year and see if I can make it to 4,500.

I felt pretty good the whole time. My goggles were leaking towards the end and I thought about stopping to fix them, but just kept going. I started trying to pick up the pace at around 3,500 yards and pushed hard on the last 500 yards.

I kind of like to nerd out with the data after the swim is over.  Here's a graph of my 50 yard splits with an added trend line.

My average 50 split was 40.44 and my average 100 yard split was 1:20.95.

Next time I do this swim, I need to remember to make and effort to pick up the pace from about 3,000 yards to 3,500 yards. That was where my slowest splits were.

I love this event because it gives you a good idea of where you are with pacing and training early in the year so you know what to work on the rest of the year.

Next up are the 5K and 10K ePostals from May to September and the 3,000 and 6,000 yard ePostals in September to November.

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