First Swim of the Year at Jordanelle

Snapped this photo after my swim this morning. What an awesome state we live in!
Goody has been bugging me to go up to Jordanelle for a week or so.  This morning, I decided to go up and check it out and see what the water temp was.

I got there a little later than planned and saw that Goody and his neighbor were in the water.  I dropped my thermometer and headed out to the first buoy.  The water was "not as warm as I would have liked" (I'm trying to rid my swimming vocabulary of the word "cold") when I got in.  I swam out to the first buoy and waited for Goody and his friend to meet me.

After a brief introduction, we all headed east along the buoys.  At the end of the buoys, I turned around and headed back.  It took me a while to get comfortable in the water.  All of my open water swims this year have been in water warmer than it was this morning.  The temp on my watch was around 67.5 degrees.

The water level is much higher this year than it was last year and the buoys seem to have moved a little bit.  It took me a while, weaving through the boats at the west end, to find the last buoy.

After one lap, I swam in with Goody and his friend to take a picture and get a drink before heading out for another lap.

The one thing that sucks about swimming at Jordanelle in the morning is that you have to swim into the sun when it comes up over the mountain.  It makes it really hard to see the buoys, even with tinted goggles.

At the east end of the buoy line, I decided to head south to another set of buoys at the end of the little peninsula.  Looking at my watch on the way back, I knew I wasn't going to have time to make a full second lap, so I headed in.  Looking at my GPS when I got home, I swam exactly 5K, which is the distance I was shooting for.

Here is the route I swam.

All in all, it was a great morning and I'm looking forward to getting up there a couple times a week.  I need to start recruiting others to come up and swim.

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