I Wish Every Swim Felt Like Today

Chad texted me last night to see if I wanted to swim with him at GSL this morning.  I couldn't pass up a swim, so I told him I'd meet him at 5am.

I got there a bit early and the gate was still closed. It opened right at 5am and I drove in and got ready to go.  Chad told me he was going to be a bit late so I jumped in and swam around the buoys a couple times until he got there.  While I was swimming and waiting for Chad, I was thinking about how cool it was that I was likely the only person swimming in that huge lake at that time.  I had it all to myself.

The water is still extremely clear and it's fun to be able to look down and see the bottom most of the way.  The downside of swimming right now is that there are a lot of brine flies on the surface of the water.  I'm probably done swimming her until September when the flies thin out.

When Chad got there, we decided to swim the "big triangle" and then see how we were doing on time.  The water was warm (I didn't take a temperature) and glassy.  The only ripples I saw on the whole lake were from Chad and I swimming.  I was swimming easy, but felt like I was flying.  That's the difference between the Great Salt Lake and freshwater lakes.  Swimming at Jordanelle yesterday was hard and I felt like I was sinking.  I realized today it was because I've gotten used to swimming in the GSL where I am more buoyant.  Today was effortless.  Just gliding along watching the rocks and sand pass by underneath me, looking at the rising sun as I took a breath.  It was amazing.  I wish every swim felt like today.

At the northern-most green buoy I stopped to look for Chad and saw him already swimming back toward the marina.  I tried to catch up to him, only to have him change direction and swim back to the red buoy.  I guess he was having trouble seeing with his goggles and missed the buoy.

We stopped to float and chat for a while about bees, chickens, Bear Lake, training, and goggles.  On the way back to the marina opening, I happened to see a bottle on the bottom of the lake.  It's really unusual to see trash that far out in the lake, so I stopped to try do dive down and pick it up.  Unfortunately, it was cemented into the sand and I couldn't get it out.

At the buoys near the marina entrance, I stopped again to wait for Chad.  I was looking at the rope attached to the red buoy and decided to try to find out how it was anchored.  I dove down and followed the rope for probably 20 feet and found where it connected to a chain.  There must be some concrete or something down there that it's attached to.

It was getting late and I picked up the pace to swim back to shore.  As we were rising off, Becca Stone was just getting out of her car.  Becca helped us with support paddlers for our first couple Great Salt Lake Open Water Swims.  She has been out of the state for three years and just happened to be in town and was at the GSL to do some paddling.  I helped her take her SUP down to the boat ramp.  What are the odds that we would run into each other on the one day she was in town?

Here's the route we swam this morning.  The "big triangle" plus a few laps around the buoys near the marina.

I was hoping to get 3 miles in this morning and ended up at 3.23. Nice!  This may be my last swim out here for a while until the flies thin out in September.

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