Often Overlooked. Secretly Amazing. - Sunrise Swim at the Great Salt Lake

I went out to the Great Salt Lake this morning to swim and get a morning temperature.  I went out there last week in the afternoon and the water temp was 76 degrees. I wanted to get a morning temperature to get a better idea of what it would be like on the morning of Saturday's Great Salt Lake Open Water Swim.

I decided to swim two laps of the 1-mile race course.  The course is new for this year because of the very low water level.  This year the swim will start just east of the observation deck and will be a beach start.  The swilm will follow the deep channel buoys and end up at the boat ramp at the marina.

I got there as the sun was coming up over the mountains and snapped this photo before getting in the water.  It sure is pretty out there in the morning.

The water was pretty calm for the most part, although there were some small breakers rolling into the shore.  The beach start for this year's race should be pretty fun.

I had a bunch of little cuts on my arms and legs from working with chicken wire last night. I felt every one of them when I got in the water!

There were a few cooler spots out towards the end of the buoys, but it was pretty comfortable.  I stopped my GPS at the marina, looked at the water temp (72 degrees), took a drink, and headed back the way I came.

When I got to my computer this morning to check my GPS, it showed almost 1.4 miles instead of 1 mile.  Oops, it turns out I swam past the buoys where I was supposed to turn to the next set.  Good thing I got this worked out before I swim for time on Friday.  I think we'll put one of our big, bright green buoys at the turnaround so there is no confusion.

I bought a shirt from the gift shop last week that ended up being a woman's size. I took it in and exchanged it for a men's size this morning.  The tag on the shirt (made by Great Salt Lake Clothing Co.) says "Often Overlooked. Secretly Amazing."  What a perfect description of the lake!  The lake is such and landmark and has such amazing history (our capital city is named after it!), yet I still feel like swimming out there is my little secret.  I love that saying so much, I just ordered this shirt from Great Salt Lake Clothing Co.

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