Results From the Free SLOW Race @ Bountiful Lake

Most of the swimmers waiting for the start of the race.
Yesterday afternoon we organized a "race" (actually a timed group swim) at Bountiful Lake.  The course followed this route, for a total of 0.7 miles.

There was a pretty good turnout with 15 swimmers, mostly from South Davis Masters.

Getting ready to swim!
I had a goal to beat the men's record of 17:02 that was set by Gordon Gridley last year.  We actually had everyone guess their finish time to see who could come the closest.  I guessed I could do 16:50.

The water was really warm (82 degrees) which isn't in my favor for trying to swim fast.  The warm water feels like it sucks the energy out of me.  I didn't have a chance to get in and warm up first, which would have been nice.

I ended up on the far right edge of the group at the start and ran into the sandbar and had to fight my way back into deeper water.  Someone grabbed my ankle and I figured it must have been Chad messing around.  I usually grab onto his safety float and give it a tug when we swim together.  I later found out it was Jason Coyle.

My arms felt tight, probably due to swimming at the GSL that morning and not warming up, but I kept plugging away.  I think I swam a pretty straight course.  There were a couple spots around the second island where I started getting too close and it got shallow, but other than that, I think I did a good job of not swimming more than I had to.

At the second island I caught up to Jeremy Clark and passed him on the inside.  He was smart and drafted on my the rest of the way in.  I'm not super competitive, but I didn't want him to draft on me and pass me right at the end.  When we got closer to the ramp, I picked up the pace a bit and hoped that he wouldn't pass me.

I gave it a good effort, but didn't quite make my goal.  I finished in 17:19.  Joe and Jason were way ahead of me and both of them ended up beating the men's record.  I was a little disappointed at my time, but it's a huge improvement over the last time I swam the course for time in 2011 when I got a time of 18:49.

I think we are going to plan on doing this again in October when the water is cooler.

Here are the full results:

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