Warming Up at Jordanelle

What a great morning for a swim!

I met Jill and Tim at the PWC ramp at Jordanelle at 5:30am this morning.  Chad, Goody, and Gordon started their swim about an hour and a half earlier and were nowhere to be seen when I got there.

When I got in the water, it felt warmer than it did last week when I was there.  Sure enough, when I checked the thermometer on my watch, it was 73.5 degrees.  It was about 68 last week.

I headed west to the end of the buoy line and then turned around and went east to the end of the buoys.  I was expecting to see Gordon, Goody and Chad along the way, but I never did.  At the end of the buoys, I turned to swim towards the three buoys marking the end of the peninsula.  I saw Tim along the way and said "hi" before continuing on.

I headed back the way I came and when I was getting close to the ramp, I though I heard someone yelling my name.  I had earplugs in so I couldn't hear very well.  A minute or so later, Goody pulled up along beside me in his kayak.  Turns out they had done a big loop out to the dam, to Rock Cliff, and back and were just finishing up.  I swam each again, back to the last buoy so that I could swim back in with Chad and Gordon.

By the time I made the turn, Gordon and Chad were a little ways ahead of me and I decided to push it and see if I could catch them.  I caught up to Chad after a while and gave his Swimmer Buddy a tug.  I pushed it again to see if I could catch Gordon, who was a little ways ahead.  I caught up to him and settled back into an easy stroke to the red buoy.

I was shooting for 5K today, but didn't finish the second loop.  I'd rather swim with my friends than get a little more distance.  I finished up at 2.43 miles for the day.  Here's the link to the data.

It would be nice to swim with these guys for a longer swim once a week.  Maybe we could alternate who paddles and who swims each week.  I could get up that early once a week.

I think next time I go up, I'm going to start at 5am so I can get in some longer swims.


IronMike said...

What kind of ear plugs do you use? I have those blue moldable ones, but after swimming for about 10 minutes, it's like my ear canal opens up and water gets in behind the ear plug, which I hate. Do yours keep all water out?

Josh said...

I like the Mack's Ear Seals. They come attached with a string, but I just pull it out. They work really great for me and keep the water out. I've tried the moldable ones, and they didn't work well for me.

Here's a link to the kind I use:
Mack's Ear Seals