Weird Swim and Exploring a Shipwreck at GSL

I met Chad at 5:30 this morning for a swim at the GSL.  It was a beautiful morning with glassy water.  I love being there in the morning and seeing the sun come up and turning the water pink.

Luckily, the thermometer I left at the boat ramp on Saturday was still there. The temp was 78 degrees!  The really odd thing was that the water was colder on the surface than it was further down.  Usually it's the opposite.  I don't know if there had been some rain out there or what, but it was a really strange feeling to stroke through cool water and have it turn very warm during the pull.  There were a couple spots near the marina entrance that were VERY warm and must have been over 80 degrees.

The other odd thing about this morning was that the water was extremely clear.  This was a big change from Saturday's race when it was still a little murky.  We could see the bottom of the lake for most of the swim.

The brine shrimp seem to be out in full force. I didn't notice that many of them the last couple times I swam there, but they are everywhere now.  I noticed them more in the shallow parts of the lake near what I think is called tufa rock.

Outside of the deep channel, marked by buoys, it was very shallow and we could stand on the tufa rock.  Here's Chad standing up in the middle of the lake.

We stopped to chat for a while and we both thought that the cool water on top, warm water below was really strange. Neither one of us had experienced that here before.

With the water as clear as it was, we decided to check out the shipwreck and try to get some pictures.  After turning around the last red buoy, we headed to the wreck, which is market by a small round buoy that you can see from the observation deck.

The thing about the GSL is that it is EXTREMELY difficult to dive under the water and stay there to look around.  We had to grab onto the rope and pull ourselves down to stay there.  As soon as we let go, we shot up like rockets.  You really need a dive belt to stay under water long enough to get a good look at the wreck.

Most of my pictures turned out blurry, but I did manage to snap a few decent ones.  Chad and I were both surprised at how big the ship is.

The buoy rope marking the wreck.

Chad diving down to take a look.

Part of the shipwreck.  The wood is really well preserved in the salt.
A little blurry, but this is a small piece of metal.

Another piece of the wreck.

I'd like to go out there again with a weighted belt and explore a little more and get some better pictures.  Here is an article about the wreck.

We ended up swimming about 2 miles.  Here's a picture of Chad in his meditation pose.

The water is getting a little too warm and the brine shrimp and flies a little too plentiful to swim out there much longer this summer.

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