4 x Buoy Line, Negative Split

I met Goody at Jordanelle this morning at 5am.  Jill and Tim showed up a little bit later when we were already in the water.

I've been thinking a lot about more effective open water training swims, and decided that I would swim 4 loops of a shorter course and try to negative split each one, rather than swim straight for two hours.

The loops I swam started at the green buoy and went east to the end of the buoy line and back.  My GPS accidentally reset when I was trying to measure how long one loop was.  I'll take that measurement next time I'm up there. UPDATE: This loop is 1360 yards

The first loop I swam easy to get warmed up, and then tried to get progressively faster with each of the three remaining loops.  Here are the results:

Loop 1 - 24:02
Loop 2 - 23:32
Loop 3 - 22:15
Loop 4 - 21:16

Between laps 2 and 3, I swam in to the dock and got a drink.  I was happy to make each lap just a little faster than the one before.  It was a nice workout and felt more productive than just swimming straight.

I talked to Goody for a bit after I had finished my last lap.  He's got his Lake Tahoe crossing coming up and is training hard for it.

I've got a post in the works with some ideas for making open water workout swims more productive.  I'll be posting that soon.  I was thinking today, it would be cool to post some open water workouts the day before we go up for a group swim so that anyone who showed up could follow it.  I could probably even print it out and post it on one of the buoys.  That way, open water group swims would have more of a focus and be more similar to a Masters workout.  UPDATE: The post referenced above is here.  You can search for the "Jordanelle Workouts" tag for the workouts.

I'm planning to go back up on Wednesday at 5:00am if anyone wants to join me.

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