Deer Creek - 2015

This was a tough weekend of swimming.  I finished the 11-mile Dam 2 Dam: The Great Moose Migration swim on Friday and had registered for the 1-mile swim at Deer Creek on Saturday.

We got home from Boise around 10pm on Friday night and I had to help get the kids to bed, put stuff away from camping, and get everything loaded for Deer Creek.  I ended up going to be later than I would have liked.

I woke up really sore from Dam 2 Dam.  My left wrist was hurting pretty bad too.  I knew I was in for a tough swim, even though it was only going to be a mile.  Any hopes I had of racing Jay Tapp were out the window.

I got up to the lake and unloaded all my stuff at the beach and then got checked in for the swim.  It's always fun to see and talk to friends before a race.

The 10-mile swimmers started first, followed by the 10K, 5K and 1 mile at about 10 minute intervals.  I had talked to a few of the other 1-mile swimmers and told them how sore I was and that I just wanted to finish and get a time.  I saw Joe Linford had switched to the 1-mile race and I knew there was no absolutely no hope of me winning.

The water felt nice.  I forgot to put my watch on so I didn't get a temperature, but a couple other people were reporting upper 60's, which seems low for this time of year.  In the past it has been around 70 degrees on the day of the swim.

1-Mile Swimmers before the start.
Jim counted us down and we took off.  I positioned myself near Jay Tapp, hoping that I might be able to keep up with him.  He and two other swimmers (Joe and Rachelle, both from South Davis Masters) were ahead of me.  I actually felt pretty good at the start and was able to stay pretty close to Jay.  The other two were way ahead of me and there was no chance of me catching them.

It seemed to take a long time to get to the turnaround buoy.  After the turn, my soreness was catching up with me and my arms felt heavy.  I just tried to not get left behind by Jay.  As we got closer, I could see what I thought was the point where we turn into the finish.  I tried to pick up the pace a little bit because I also saw another of the 1-mile swimmers not too far ahead and I though I might be able to catch them.  I've swam at Deer Creek enough that I should have known that the point I was looking at wasn't the right one and there was still more to swim.  When I realized my mistake, it made me mad.  I kept plugging away and finished 4th overall and 3rd in the non-wetsuit division.  Not bad for having swam 11 miles the day before.  I was actually pretty happy with my time of 25:30.  On a good day (not sore from a long swim the day before) and with a good warm-up, I could have gone a couple minutes faster, but under the circumstances, I was happy.

At the finish with Jay Tapp.

Getting my medal from Connie.

Watching the other swimmers come in with Julie Keyes, fellow Mini Triple Crown swimmer.
Comparing race stories with Matt Gerrish, fellow Mini Triple Crown swimmer, at the finish.
The wind picked up after the 1 mile race and a few of the paddlers were brought in by the Coast Guard.  There were also two 10-mile swimmers who were brought in because they got cold.  Other than that, everyone who started also finished.

Chad was swimming the 10-mile, which is insane considering he also swam 11 miles the day before.  We got reports that his paddler Ryan was not able to keep up in the wind and a boat was sent out to pick up Sue (who was swimming down the bay) to have her take over paddling duties.  Luckily, Ryan was ok.  It's a lot harder than most people thing to paddle for that long, especially when it is windy.

When all the other swimmers had finished, I hopped in my kayak and paddled down to meet Chad and Sue and paddle the rest of the way with them.  Chad was in really good spirits and was still swimming strong.  He was already over 10 miles at the end of the bay when I caught up.  He though the turnaround buoy had come loose and he had chased it down, swimming about 1.5 miles more than needed.

I had fun talking to Sue on the way back and watching Chad swim.  When he had finished, he had swam about 12 miles instead of 10.  Chad is my new hero.  It's really hard to swim two long swims back to back like that.  It would have probably been easier to swim a 20+ mile swim in one day rather than break it up into two days.  By resting in between, your muscles get sore and stiff.

With these two races out of the way, I can kind of relax the rest of the year.  We have a couple SLOW club things coming up, including a relay race across the length of Bear Lake, a clinic, and a couple of free, short swim races.  It's time for me to start thinking about pool swimming again and getting ready for the USMS ePostal events and the upcoming swim meets.

As always, Jim did a great job organizing the event this year.  I can't believe this was the 9th year this race has been going on.  Awesome!

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