Bear Lake Relay Swim

It was a busy day for swimming on Labor Day.  Will Reeves did a solo swim across the length, and there were two relay teams who also swam across the lake.

We had planned for the relays to be a fun race.  There were several teams interested, but only two ended up making it: a six-woman team with some really fast swimmers and a three-man team from SLOW.

We met the women at Rendezvous Beach on the south side of the lake, a little behind schedule, and got our first swimmers and Will ready to go.  With a little cheer, they were off.

I saw a weather forecast last week that said the air temperature was going to be in the upper 30's! Luckily, this forecast was wrong and it was not that cold.  The water temperature was reported at 66 degrees on the State Parks website.  That turned out to be pretty accurate and the temp measured from the boat ranged from about 65 to 67 throughout the swim.

We each swam 30 minutes at a time, and ended up swimming seven times each.

The water was so nice!  For most of the swim it was pretty calm and flat.  When we were in the middle of the lake, it was really glassy and it felt great to push hard and swim fast.

We managed to keep pretty close to Will, but the women's team crushed it.  They finished over 1.5 hours ahead of us.  We just watched them get further and further ahead of us.  They set a pretty tough standard for any relay team that wants to go after the six-person record.  Their time was 8:27!

We heard reports from Goody (who was observing, navigating, and supporting Will from a Sea-Doo) about Will's progress.  We kept trying to catch him and never could.  That guy blows my mind.  In his 60's and still kicking ass!  I talked to Will briefly after the swim was over.  He was bundled up and pretty cold, but was in pretty good spirits.  His official time, as recorded and observed by Goody Tyler, was 9:49:42, which is the second fastest crossing on record.

We hit some pretty rough water about 2-3 hours from finishing that slowed our progress down quite a bit.  The temp peaked at about 67 degrees, but cooled to about 65 near the finish.  I was the last one to swim and finished on the rocks of North Beach in Idaho to my cheering family.  Our official time was 10:14:54.

I had a lot of fun swimming with my buddies.  This was kind of Chad's last hurrah before heading to England.  I can't wait to hear about his swim. If the weather is good, I have no doubt that he will finish.

I'd love to do another relay across the lake. Maybe we'll make it an annual tradition.  It would be fun to get a bunch of other teams together for some friendly competition.

Thanks to my teammates Chad and Gordon.  Gordon let us stay at his in-laws place the night before and shared their dinner with us.  Chad provided his boat and kept me laughing the whole time.

Here are some photos and swim track from the SPOT GPS we had on board:

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